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Web Design

Savvyon web design creates search engine friendly, highly effective, professional websites exclusively for small business.

It is important to note that Savvyon works with all types of clients. What we mean is that some clients know "exactly" what they are looking for and some do not. Savvyon is prepared to help your company whether you are familiar with the web or not. We tailor our business services to meet the needs of all types of small business and all levels knowledge. We don't "treat you" we "teach you" to be successful on the web.

Our web design strategy is simple. First we meet with your company over the phone or in-person to discuss your web design needs and prepare a summary of what your business does and your mission or philosophy. Additionally, we gather information about web design elements you like or don't like about other websites. We ask you things like what colors you like or dislike and what thoughts are in your head that we need to understand about your business. We ask about what your expectations are in a website and we help you understand how to advertise your website. In essence, we learn about your business so we know what you are looking for and we gather information from your expertise so we understand how to be a better partner with you and your company. We provide suggestions for how to make your website successful and prosperous for your company.

After that initial meeting we follow a very precise plan of action to get your website to market.

  1. Finalize any agreements between our business and your business
  2. If you do not have a domain we will help you research a good domain and assist you in registering your domain. If you already own a domain we will assist you in transferring your domain to our care. It is not necessary to transfer your domain immediately if you already have a website, but we may ask for access to your domain registrar so we can assist you in setting up a path to our staging environment.
  3. Collect marketing materials about your company, business logos and graphics that you wish to use on your website. We will be happy to create some of this for you for an additional cost.
  4. Present the summary of your business and your wants and needs to our design team
  5. Design team produces 1-3 draft web design concepts or more if needed, and we will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the design.
  6. After you approve the design we send the design to our development team
  7. SEO is first and foremost at the top of our minds while developing your website, we focus heavily on making sure all the natural elements of good SEO design are present for your website.
  8. Once the development work is approved, we will schedule a time to transfer your domain (if not already), transfer statistics and then schedule a date and time to move your domain to our care.
  9. The work does not stop when your new website is live and your domain is transferred. Beginning at the first of the month after your new website is live you can make whatever changes you like to your website. You will receive two hours of monthly maintenance* to modify anything on your website.

Bottom line is that Savvyon is your partner. So we ask that you keep in touch with us and let us know what is going on with your business and we will take care of updating your website, adding or removing content, daily/monthly specials, promotions, social media, etc. We can help you grow and achieve a presence on the web your company can be proud of.

*Two hours free monthly maintenance are not rollover hours, they are use them or lose them. Time in excess of two hours are billed at an agreed to consulting rate. All work time is quoted in advance so you know how much time it will take. Some services may not be included. Talk to your Savvyon, Inc. representative for more details.

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