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Is Web Management the missing piece for your small business? What time does this man have to maintain his own website?

To many small businesses web design is a foreign language and they think it is way beyond their reach or skill level, and to some it is. There are many web design companies out there who will propose a wide range of pricing simply because of the confusing nature of web technologies. Most web companies prey on the unsuspecting customer who knows very little about how the web truly works and legitimate, ethical and honest web design companies are few and far between.

Many web design companies would prefer to set something up for you but then leave you to do it yourself after they are done. It is for this very reason that content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and DotNetNuke are widely offered by web design companies. Because they can charge you a fortune to create a design then set it up and let you do it yourself. Your company pays someone else for hosting and support of these sites. You will also be charged to help you fix it when you attempt to install something that inadvertently breaks your website or your design.

Is Web Management the missing piece for your small business? Small business means working long hours to succeed in the business you are good at. Savvyon can help you manage your internet presence.

Plenty of small businesses have researched the cost of a professional web design firm or agency and found that it was way too expensive for their small business. Some have ended up doing it themselves through sites which offer template-driven websites or applications that are not very user-friendly. Unfortunately, the site looks and feels like they did it themselves which scares away potential customers.

Additionally, some businesses are paying too much already for a site that has no return on investment such as a one page site offered by their local telephone company, internet service provider or social/business networking sites. On the other side are companies that pay enormous development costs because they are locked into an agreement with a retail provider that requires their site be hosted with them so they can keep product updated. The problem with this approach is that they do not have your best interest in mind because they are not focused on the SEO for your website.

The fact is that web design and development firms don't want you to know much about the internet, how things work and what the costs typically are. So they make up prices that are outrageous and not small business friendly in the hopes that they'll only do business with people who have deep pockets such as lawyers, doctors, or medium sized businesses and up.

Savvyon, Inc. is a web management company that provides your small business with all the web management services you need to manage your web presence. Other companies offer one or two parts of the web management lifecycle and call it web management but Savvyon, Inc. offers aspects of web management.

Here is a quote from one our clients that explains simply how we help,

"My previous web company would work with me to get my site up and running but then they stopped all communications. With Savvyon, Inc., I got a business partner from the start and when my site is done they continue to work with me to improve my site."

Savvyon, Inc. manages and maintains every aspect of your web-based business for you. You don't have to know and understand how everything works because we make it all work for your business and if you want to know we'll be happy to educate you.

Savvyon, Inc. uses the latest and greatest technology from some of the best companies in the world such as Microsoft® and Telerik®. Your site will always have the latest extensible technology to allow for growth. We also use the latest and greatest technology such as JQuery, CSS 3 and HTML 5 to provide the best user experience across all major browsers.

So what do you get with Savvyon, Inc. web management experience:

  • À la carte services for your business, buy additional services only as you need them and we'll only tell you when you really need them or we'll arm you with the information to let you decide when the time is right for you
  • Research to help you find the best domain name available for your business
  • Automatic domain registration, renewal and transfer services
  • A complete "unique" design or re-design of your business website
  • A complete website designed with SEO in mind from the very beginning not as an after thought
  • Web application development
  • Mobile website development
  • Database driven applications
  • Ecommerce including PayPal® and catalog development
  • Search Engine Analysis and Marketing for your domain
  • Proven ideas meant to drive your target audience to your website
  • SmarterStats® to help you see where your visitors are coming from and how they find you

We don't want you to just take our word for it though. Have a look at our web design testimonials page and then visit our web design pricing page for all the great details.

Please take the time to contact usor call 214-998-1595 and we will contact you about servicing the needs of your growing business.