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"We recently had a call from a collections company soliciting their services to our company. Thankfully we had no need for their services as all of our clients appreciate the services we provide them and have a deep appreciation of what we have done for them with Organic SEO. I was in awe when the collections company suggested that they had dozens of web design companies that they were performing collections for SEO services. Naturally, I was curious as to the amounts of these collections and they were upwards of $7k to $15k. I was shocked to say the least." - Chris Tallos, Co-Owner, Savvyon

We highly recommend you familiarize yourself with Google's General Guidelines on Search Engine Optimization information. It is a very good tool for learning about SEO.

5 Common Mistakes in SEO

Maile Ohye is a great advisor from Google Webmaster Help. Here she talks about the 5 most common mistakes in SEO.

SEO Titles and Descriptions

Matt Cutts has been a Google software engineer since 2000, and is the head of Google's Webspam team. Here he is talking about the importance of why you should tweak your titles and descriptions to help improve your click through ratio (CTR).

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