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Rapid Application Development

Savvyon, Inc. uses Rapid Application Development (RAD) according to the definition of RAD itself which is; minimal planning in favor of rapid prototyping. While we would prefer to spend 75% of the time planning and 25% of the time building it right, we understand that not every client understands what 'exactly' they want. So an iterative approach is needed to prototype and build, until a site is finally ready. Without extensive pre-planning Savvyon, Inc. can build something faster and you can change the requirements more often. This model follows a standard time and materials billing model and can become costly over time.

On the other side of RAD is heavy planning and shorter development time coupled with proprietary and third party controls to help build projects faster in a shorter period of time. When a project is pre-planned and all the potential stoppages are ironed out then development begins and tools are used to build the product faster and often times more reliable than RAD projects because the tools are consistently improved upon and redeployed over numerous sites to add more functionality and features to them.

On average, our team here at Savvyon can do website design and development from start to finish in two to four weeks depending on specific variables.

  1. How much information has the client already prepared for us? Having materials ready for us is paramount to getting a site live and operational faster. Things like photos, verbiage, marketing materials, logos, etc. really speed up the process.
  2. The more images the better. A picture is worth ten thousand words.
  3. Having little information about your small business makes building your website more complicated but not impossible. We have some great people on staff to research your industry and provide suggestions.
  4. We work at your speed! Which simply means if you come armed and ready with the information we need to build you a website, we'll be ready for you.

Please take the time to contact usand we will contact you about servicing the web management needs of your growing business.

Application Development

Web Development is a broad term relating to developing a web site. Savvyon, Inc. does not just refer to web development in the sense of “code” or “markup” but rather the full range of service from analysis of what our client’s needs are to maintenance and updating of their site to keep it fresh and appealing to our client’s customer. Websites we participate in building follow the simple flow, as indicated below.

Web Design and Web Page Development Company

By combining the flow above with the right technologies we can provide our customers with rapid development of their website and have already planned for the anticipated growth of our clients. For more information on how Savvyon, Inc.can do web development for your growing business, please visit our contact page.

Please take the time to contact usand we will contact you about servicing the needs of your growing business.

Software Development

The software lifecycle for software development follows much of the same lifecycle as the web development lifecycle. The difference being that the software lifecycle includes processes such as primary, supporting and organizational processes.

These processes are the standards defined in ISO/IEC 12207 which is the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It is these standards that define the tasks required for developing and maintaining software and are the same standards adopted by Savvyon, Inc. for all software development tasks undertaken.

We invite you to visit Wikipediato learn more about the methods and standards in the software lifecycle process.

Please take the time to contact usand we will contact you about servicing the needs of your growing business.