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Mobile Development Pricing

Savvyon is dedicated to provide small businesses with affordable, and up to date technology websites. We offer our clients custom mobile web applications and websites. Savvyon works on all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Blackberry.

Savvyon Mobile Web Application are custom made for each client and are an extension to a clients current site. What makes Savvyon different from other companies is that we test every site we develop and manage for compatibility with Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, iOS devices, Android Phones, and Blackberry phones. Savvyon Web Applications are essentially an application for iOS, Android and Blackberry phones with web browsing. The application appear like they belong in the device.

Many web development companies out there advertise "we can convert your existing website into a mobile friendly site". What they don't tell you is:

  • That it is a mobile site and not a mobile application.
  • "Free" templates mean other companies including companies in the same industry could use the exact same design.
  • You have to pay someone to host the mobile site along with your regular website.
  • Pricing ranges from free to "give us a call for a quote".
  • Limited number of pages or you can pay them for unlimited number of pages.
  • Optimize your website for phones with web browsers using our mobile website software. In other words "do it yourself".
  • "Free" mobile sites url must be which advertises the third party company more than your company.
  • If you want your own url then it will cost you.
  • "Free" means you have to do it yourself, and any customer service will cost you - time and money.

Savvyon Mobile Development provides you:

  • A custom design, which is part of the overall cost.
  • Simple web applications for small businesses.
  • No templates!!
  • Consistent branding between sites. Regular website and the mobile web application is managed and maintained by Savvyon, not a third party company that is outsourced.
  • Mobile Web Application, not just a Mobile Website.
  • Optimize your mobile web application for iOS, Android and Blackberry mobile browsers.
  • All url's are or at no additional cost to you.
  • Dedicated team member that works with your regular website and mobile web application site needs.
  • All Mobile Web Application websites, must have a Basic Static Website managed by Savvyon.
  • Mobile Web Application hosting is included in the Basic Website Package.

Mobile website packages start at $799, please call for details.

Please take the time to contact usor call 952-239-7494 and we will contact you about servicing the needs of your growing business.