Our Mission

To be an affordable and profitable Web Design Firm and Web Management Company for small and growing businesses that operates with character and respect; and to meet the ever-growing, ever-changing and innovative needs of our customers.

Small Business Web Design

Since 2004, Savvyon has been a rapidly growing, woman and veteran owned, web design and web management firm located in Bloomington, Minnesota. We offer web design and web management services exclusively to small businesses throughout the United States.

Savvyon provides high-end, affordable, web design and web management related services to small and growing businesses. If your company is looking to create an internet presence and expand your existing marketing efforts to reach the web or abandon your existing web hosting company for an affordable solution which offers better pricing and more service then please contact Savvyon at 952-239-7494 today.

Savvyon does not overcharge small businesses for web design services, instead we invest our time and money up front to give your small business everything you need for your company's website. Savvyon will handle everything for you at one low price. We recommend you have a look at our client portfolio and feel free to contact our clients. We are exclusive to small businesses and do not work with Government or companies larger than 50 employees unless your needs are simple.

Trust, integrity, and personal service are the cornerstone of our business. We never use templates and only build custom websites. We build as many pages as you need and only charge you based on accurately quoted projects. We will never sell you anything we do not believe you need. Give us a call today at 952-239-7494 and we can have your new website up and running in most cases as little as two weeks.

We are not just a web design and development company, we are the missing piece of your business when it comes to the world wide web. A process which we call "Web Management".

Web Design

Savvyon web design creates search engine friendly, highly effective, professional websites exclusively for small business.

Web Design Philosophy

It is important to note that Savvyon works with all types of clients. What we mean is that some clients know "exactly" what they are looking for and some do not. Savvyon is prepared to help your company whether you are familiar with the web or not. We tailor our business services to meet the needs of all types of small business and all levels knowledge. We don't "treat you" we "teach you" to be successful on the web.

Our web design strategy is simple. First we meet with your company over the phone or in-person to discuss your web design needs and prepare a summary of what your business does and your mission or philosophy. Additionally, we gather information about web design elements you like or don't like about other websites. We ask you things like what colors you like or dislike and what thoughts are in your head that we need to understand about your business. We ask about what your expectations are in a website and we help you understand how to advertise your website. In essence, we learn about your business so we know what you are looking for and we gather information from your expertise so we understand how to be a better partner with you and your company. We provide suggestions for how to make your website successful and prosperous for your company.

Bottom line is that Savvyon is your partner. So we ask that you keep in touch with us and let us know what is going on with your business and we will take care of updating your website, adding or removing content, daily/monthly specials, promotions, social media, etc. We can help you grow and achieve a presence on the web your company can be proud of.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of analyzing, preparing and implementing a necessary strategy to increase visibility and organic placement in the search engines. Please view our SEO Pricing section below to learn more about the core services Savvyon offers as part of our web management services.

Organic SEO Services

What is the meaning of Organic SEO?

Quite simply it means obtaining search engine position without the use of paid advertising. Please see our SEO Pricing page for more information on our paid advertising packages.

What is the difference between Organic SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Organic SEO Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Traffic begins to come to your site naturally once you begin to rank in the top 100 of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).
  • Becoming organically ranked is a long-term strategy to gaining momentum for your business. No company can promise overnight results for organic SEO.
  • Maintaining organic SEO positioning can result in a solid financial lead generator for companies.
  • Improper analysis of keywords and phrases and incorrectly chosen keywords or phrases can lead to well positioned pages but not in the target market.
  • Paid inclusion in search engine results.
  • Short-term strategy to drive targeted consumers to your company immediately.
  • Results "MAY" show up on the first page but this will be dependent on your budget versus your competition's budget.
  • Results "MAY" not show up all the time again this will be dependent on your budget versus your competition's budget.
  • Greater chance of high page bounce rates from consumers who are not actually looking for your product. A page bounce means a user entered a specific page and left your site from the same page.

Bottom line is that your strategy should include both Organic SEO and Pay Per Click Advertising. Contact Savvyon today to learn more about how we help your small business strategize to get better rankings, or check out our SEO Pricing below for more information.

Standard SEO Features | Managed Pay-Per-Click Packages

Savvyon is dedicated to providing small businesses with affordable Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Every small business has their own working strategies when it comes to their website. Savvyon provides a perfect combination of SEO services that is affordable, and clearly is designed to help small businesses compete more effectively and win more business.

Savvyon has three SEO Packages which allow the clients flexibility to do some SEO advertising on their own or have Savvyon do it.

SEO Package A:

Package A Pricing

This SEO Package represents Savvyon's standard SEO services which are included at no charge as part of your monthly hosting agreement and two free hours of monthly maintenance. Services which incur additional costs are listed. We strive to provide every customer with honesty, transparency and quality business ethics. If you have any question about what you see here please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

SEO Package B and SEO Package C:

These SEO packages are premium managed service we offer to our clients for managing their Pay-Per-Click campaign. The industry standard costs for managing a Pay-Per-Click can cost companies thousands of dollars. Savvyon charges you 20% of your monthly ad spend. Many companies won't reveal their costs to you until you call and have been pressured into believing the hype. Contact us today and we'll give you $100 towards your AdWords campaign, provided you are a new AdWords customer. We recommend you allow us to help you setup a new Google® account.

Package B and Package C Pricing

Please call Heidi at 952-239-7494 and we'll help you decide what you need and how we can be of service to you and your business. Please visit our regular site for additional SEO information.

Web Management Pricing

Basic Website

Most of our clients are just looking for a basic website that extend their marketing and defines who they are and why they are in business. Each of our sites are custom designed to each business and they gently evolve over time to meet their growing needs. There is no upfront cost to design and development, just the administrative setup fee, domain registration or renewal and our subscription based monthly hosting fee which is not invoiced to you until the site is done and live on the internet.

Basic Website Pricing

Database Driven Website

Some businesses might require a more extensive website that includes client logins, inventory control, ecommerce, mailing list, and automated systems. Database design is a formal process of analyzing and defining your business requirements and the scope of a website. Then we do a logical design which is essentially a computer generated model of the database followed by the actual physical design. For every database-driven website, we follow a fixed price and time and materials model. Fixed price model, is where we review the project scope and provide you a fixed bid which we call Statement of Work. Time & Materials is where we determine the hourly cost that it takes to complete the Statement of work. All of our bids/Statement of Work is subject to a +/- 20% cost change based on project creep and requirements changing. Database-driven and eCommerce sites are considerably more work and therefore are subject to all costs associated with running and maintaining such a site. See below for everything included in our Database Driven Package.

Database Driven Website Pricing

WordPress® Hosting

Numerous small businesses have requested having a WordPress® or similar content management system to manage themselves. While we find it hard to believe that a small business; focused on growing their business, has time to manage their own website, we do have WordPress® Web Hosting with thousands of free plugins and hundreds of themes to choose from. If you decide you would like to go with a WordPress® site customized by Savvyon please contact us at 952-239-7494.

WordPress® Pricing

Please call us at 952-239-7494 and we'll help you decide what you need and how we can be of service to you and your business. Please visit our regular site for additional pricing information.

Client Portfolio

At Savvyon we are "very proud" of our clients and the websites we've helped each of them create. Please take the time to visit each of these websites and explore the services our clients have to offer. Each of these sites are unique and are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our client.

All of these sites are original Savvyon designs, not templates. If you question our pricing or ability to build your website please feel free to contact any of our clients for a referral.

When you have reviewed our clients web sites, Contact Us or call us at 952-239-7494 to see how we can expand your company's presence on the internet.

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Client Testimonials

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At Savvyon, we value the knowledge, diversity and performance our employees have to offer. Trust, integrity and personal service are the cornerstone of our business and it doesn't matter if you're an employee, or a Savvyon customer.

Whether you are a recent graduate, unemployed, looking to change jobs or advance in your career path, Savvyon would like to hear from you. Savvyon, Inc. has a range of positions from entry-level experience to the most experienced developers, designers, office personnel and sales people. Invest your career in Savvyon and we’ll invest in you.

Savvyon is genuinely interested in the latest and greatest technologies so your employment will be filled with new learning opportunities. While keeps it simple for our clients, we expect our employees to innovate, imagine and dream the biggest dreams for our clients so when they do come to us with that innovative need we can deliver results and technology vital to their operations.

Interested? Then review our job opportunities and we’d like to hear from you. Submit your resume now.

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