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Custom Bookmark Design

LooneyBin Press Custom Bookmark Design

We were recently approached by LooneyBin Press to create a glossy two-sided custom bookmark design that they could give away for free at book shows, trade shows, book readings, etc. Our goal with the custom bookmark design was to capture the essence of the three books; My Name is Carter and I am New, What should I do? What could I be? What job is for me? and Gymnastics Dreams. The custom bookmark design includes elements from each of the three illustrated children’s books. Ultimately it was decided to use the vivid colors and design we used in the website header to create a visually appealing and colorful custom bookmark. While a very simple and basic custom bookmark design the client was very pleased with the outcome and especially the price. The bookmark was printed on Certified Green thick 15pt card stock and cut to a standard 2″ x 6″ bookmark size and it has a glossy front and back side. Naturally it includes advertisement in the form of the LooneyBin Press website. The whole project was very fun and exciting.

Savvyon can assist small business with cost-effective ways to reach large audiences and assist with boosting brand awareness and return on investment. Custom bookmark design is just one of many ways Savvyon is helping small business achieve the best possible service at amazing prices. Custom Bookmark Design helps businesses get a compelling message in front of their target audiences. Bookmarks can be a creative means to communicate with customers because they see your logo and contact information every day. A bookmark can also be used for a coupon offer, an event ticket, a reminder or notice of some sort. Here’s a creative idea! A bookmark with nothing but a popular company logo on the front and a QR Code on the back linked to a page that generates a random offer or a prize for a person every day. Offer expires soon! Interesting huh!

Green Screen Keying with Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts Pack 333 Magazine Cover example of Green Screen Keying

Example of Green Screen Keying

Savvyon was recently asked to take photos of Cub Scouts in Pack 333 during the Pinewood Derby. We setup in the venue with camera equipment, a computer for green screen keying and a green screen. As all the Scouts came in they were photographed with their Pinewood Derby cars in front of the green screen.  The whole process was a great chance to give back to the community and do something fun.  Not that we don’t have fun designing websites for our clients!  We created over 17 life-like magazine covers which would be used as a backdrop once we removed the green screen from the background. The parents could choose from the 17 backgrounds and they would receive one free 8×10 image.  They could also choose all the images we took on a CD for $25, all of the proceeds went to Pack 333.  After figuring out that our camera’s auto-focus was not set (rookie mistake) we finally managed to get all the boys pictures taken with their cars and trophies and then it was time for some magic to occur.  We did green screen keying on all the photos and then placed the photos in the magazine covers (see example image). The results were awesome and it was tremendously satisfying to have helped out the Cub Scouts in Pack 333.